The WebX Systems Suite

WebX Systems develops and supplies a range of high-end software products for XML authoring, publishing and content lifecycle management (CLM) that manage the complete production, workflow, storage, retrieval and re-use of ASD S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200 and Legacy data.


An integrated common source database (CSDB) that manages the complete production, workflow, storage, retrieval and delivery of S1000D & ATA iSpec 2200 projects, data modules, publication modules, IETP-X, stylesheets, business rules and digital assets.

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An XML authoring editor that is tightly integrated to UltraCSDB to provide authoring of S1000D data modules and ATA iSpec 2200 tasks that fully comply with the schema & business rules. It has built-in snippets, scripting, libraries and an attribute value suggestion system.

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Multi-Channel high-end WYSIWYG XML/SGML publishing solution with an integrated dynamic composition and pagination print engine that utilises XSLT technology to enable the formatting and publishing of XML data to PDF and Postscript.

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An integrated S1000D and ATA document and subscription management portal for online and offline delivery of PDF and IETP technical publications. It allows customers to published materials and manage all their subscriptions and renewals in one place.

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Our Services

WebX Systems is renowned for working closely with its customers to tailor and fine tune its products and solutions to their individual business requirements.

Bespoke Software Development

For those customers whose commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software cannot provide them with all of their requirements and needs, WebX Systems provides bespoke software development and customisation. We work very closely with customers to draw up functional specifications and ensure on-target delivery. Our bespoke software development is renowned for its high quality and cost effectiveness.

Data Conversion

WebX Systems has extensive knowledge with all aspects of conversion of XML, SGML, legacy and associated graphic data. Using commercially available and in-house developed tools and scripts we work closely with the customers to analyse the data and agree conversion specifications. We perform pre-conversion data filtering and clean up. Converted data is validated against standard DTDs or Schemas.


WebX provides management consultancy services on a wide range of technical matters from establishing specifications, usability and performance through to extensibility, security and stability. Our skilled team of business analysts, technical architects and systems engineers analyse new project requirements or the performance of current projects, products and processes and offer clear roadmaps for improvement.

Customers Using Our Products

WebX Systems provides solutions to some of the biggest names in the industry.